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Okay… I’m quite embarrassed about this but I’d rather be honest with you friends than make you believe I was really that good (I wish I am). If you remember few months back. Last July, to be exact (Wow! That’s more than 2 months ago now!) I started a 30-day Watercolor Challenge for myself.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to commit to it. In my defense, I was able to finish the drawings. The coloring was delayed because I became super lazy and unmotivated because of the chaotic scenario in our house due to the renovation of my shop, Artisan Paperie and coffee shop, Yellow Hauz. It’s still undergoing, by the way.

Finally, after few months of floating and few vacations on the side; I pushed myself to bring back that motivation again. I realised, it’s not gonna come unless I’ll do something about it. So, I went back browsing my craft books and magazines; Listened to my favourite creative podcasts. And slowly, I’m feeling it again.

So, today, I edited one of the flower videos I did before. Yay! For pushing myself. Nowadays, I celebrate my small wins.

Materials for Watercolor Hibiscus

• Watercolor Flower Artist’s Bible book

• Daniel Smith extra fine watercolour

• Escoda Brush

• Grumbacher Watercolor Paper Pad

• Prismacolor Col-erase Brown Pencil

This tutorial ain’t complete without the video, of course. You can check more of my videos on my Youtube channel.

Here are the Daniel Smith colors I used.

I liked how this turned out. I somehow understood the behavior of the watercolor and the layers.

Some of the 30-Day Watercolor Challenge tutorial:



Crown Imperial

Rosa Canary Bird

I’m still not back fully. I haven’t painted for months. I cannot believe it! I think, that’s the reason why I felt so unmotivated because, I haven’t touched my brushes, paints and papers for quite some time now. Not to mention, my room is such a mess and some of my things in the studio are still in the box. Petty, invalid excuses, actually. I know, if you want something so badly, you’ll find a way to do it. But this time around, the laziness in me, won. But everyday, I push myself and find a way to motivate me every time I wake up.

Sometimes, inspiration does not strike you like a lightning, but a discipline you developed along the way. Naks! It sounds like so deep! Lol.

Enjoy the watercolor Hibiscus.


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