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For the month of June, I planned on honing my watercolour skills. I wanted to do drawing at first but I thought, this would be a good time to make use of those watercolour books I bought. So, I made a deal to myself that I’ll paint 30 flowers from the book Watercolor Flower Artist’s Bible by Claire Waite Brown for 30-days.

I started late (as usual). But I’m trying to make this a fun learning curve rather than being pressure about it. That’s why I don’t normally join monthly challenges and prompts because I’m so definite, I won’t be able to keep up with it. So, I’m making my own rules at my own pace.

I’m still catching up with 3 more flowers as of today, but so far so good. I used to have a hard time learning with this book and it usually took me an hour to do 1 flower. But lately, I see myself being comfortable and understanding it better than being frustrated. That’s the whole point I’m doing this though and I’m glad it’s working.

For my 5th flower, I chose Geranium. I wanted to take a video of all my processes but it’s taking a lot time. Hopefully, this will become a habit then I can shorten my preparation and process time so I can share it most of the time.

Here’s a timelapse (shorten to 3 minutes from a 30-min video). I don’t want to bore you that long but if you prefer the longer version, just leave me a comment so I’d post longer videos next time.

Here are the previous flowers I painted.

I share more often of my process and the materials I used on Instagram @iam_artisan.

Are you taking any art challenges for this month? An instagram friend mentioned, she’s into mail art. Another friend of mine is doing cafe art. Would love to know what’s yours. Leave me a comment or email me so I can also see it. Seeing other artworks can be very inspiring.


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