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Hello friend. I think I haven’t mentioned it here yet but Artisan Paperie is temporary closed because we are undergoing a major renovation. (I’ll talk about this some other time). And since the shop is closed, I have more time to concentrate in doing craft workshops. I’ve had Photo Banner, Dreamcatcher in Siargao then Dreamcatcher in Davao (which I’ll also share some other time).

Anyway, I’m coming up with a workshop that I’m really super excited about. It’s Watercolor Stationery. It’s a workshop about turning your watercolor florals into stationery. I’ll be teaching basic watercolor; we will paint loose florals and foliage then digitize them and turn it into stationery.

Here’s the workshop details.

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I’m quite nervous and excited about this actually. You see, I’ve been doing this for almost 9 years. If you’re new here in my blog, I used to design custom stationery. From wedding to personal cards. Most of them were illustrated graphically but some were hand-painted. Either watercolor or drawing pens then I digitized the artwork for printing.

I wanna share what I’ve learned all throughout those years. That’s why it’s nerve wrecking because it’s a combination of both traditional and modern craft. From painting the florals to converting them digitally to printing. And I’m hoping I can squeeze what I’ve learned in a span of 8 hrs without overwhelming you.

For example, these are the watercolor florals I used to make the poster.  

Yup! From this elements, I was able to create a poster.

If you don’t know yet, Artisan Paperie is also a stationery brand. And some of my stationery such as greeting cards were hand-painted but digitally printed. All our stationery were made from our dainty studio. From the greeting card to the envelope and seal. 

So here are the things you’ll learn in the Watercolor Stationery workshop.

• I’ll teach you the basics of watercolor. From mixing colors and washes. We will be using an artist grade, extra fine and my favourite watercolor brand, Daniel Smith. Then we will make loose florals and foliage by using simple brush strokes.

• After painting, we will scan those elements using Canon Pixma G3010 and digitize them by learning the basic Photoshop tools.

• Once we’re done with our layout, I’ll run through few tips on types of paper and print settings. Then we’ll make those elements into stationery by printing on Canon Pixma G3010.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to paint loose florals and have your own stationery from letter set, envelope and seal, greeting card/notecard, gift tag and art print.

All the materials, from watercolor, brushes, palette, paper and printer will be provided. All you gotta do is register here.

To give you more an idea on what we will be making, here’s another hand-painted watercolor plants turned into a notecard.

Now, I’m gonna make it more exciting for all us. I am so thankful for the support that we will be getting from our workshop partners.

• We will be using Pixma G3010 from Canon

• And we will have freebies and raffle from Des Artroom – Daniel Smith distributor in the Philippines

Shipping Cart – delivery service from U.S to the Philippines

Artisan Paperie – my very own stationery brand.

Since this will be the first batch of this workshop, I’m offering limited slots only. So, if you’ve been wanting to learn basic watercolor and a little bit of Photoshop or if you’re getting married and you want to DIY your invitations, this maybe for you. Simply register here.

So, am I gonna see you on May 26? Shoot me an email at [email protected] if you have any questions.


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  1. Hello April, I’m interested to join the workshop. Hm and how to register if still available? Thank u and God bless!

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