Letter Swap 2018 x Shipping Cart Giveaway

Crafting + Workshop

I was supposed to do this at the beginning of the month yet here we are at the very last day of it. But hey, it is still April, right? Lol. After few workshops, a lot of birthday celebrants and one week at the beach… I can now sit down and write about this.

So, here we go…

April is a National Letter Writing Month. It’s an advocacy to help the Post Office generate income and to relive the art of correspondence at the same time. Technically, everyone who wants to join will have to write 30 letters for 30days. But I know I can’t commit to that, so I’m doing it differently. I’m doing a letter swap instead.

I did the same thing last year and I was so happy a lot of people joined. I am hoping, I’d get the same or more number of people to join this year. The more the merrier after all. Please do share to your friends.

If you want to join the snail mail fun, all you have to do is sign-up here.

There are no rules except there are just few guidelines:

• Deadline to join is on May 10, 2018.

• I’ll send an email to introduce your partner on May 12 (the latest) and the mechanics.

• You can send a postcard, notecard or a letter set as long as you send it through a post office. No express mail such as 2GO, LBC or FedEx. We’d love to see the stamps at the back of your letter.

• If you don’t know what to write, you can read last year’s letter swap for some ideas.

• Feel free to be creative about it.

• Adding extra ephemera inside your mail would also be super great.

I guess that’s about it. I’ll go deeper onto the details once you’ve signed up. Especially the guidelines for the postal.

I truly hope you’ll join the fun. I promise you, receiving snail mail will bring a little sunshine on your day. Plus, you’ll gain a new friend. That alone is fun already.

SIGN-UP HERE to join the letter swap.

Now, here’s another reason to spice up the letter swap.

Shipping Cart is joining us to make it more fun. Here’s a little description what it is about.

Shipping Cart is a delivery service from the U.S. to the Philippines. If you always wanted to order something from the U.S (especially on Amazon) but hesitant to shop because shipping cost is so expensive plus there’s custom fee and we’re not sure how safe the package will be once it arrived. Then, I totally recommend using Shipping Cart. You can find more about them at their Shipping Cart Facebook Page and Shipping Cart Instagram.

I would say, it’s truly convenient and cheap. Here’s my #shipmyfinds or #findsofthemonth: Always wanted to order doTERRA and few books from Amazon. Everything is tracked from receiving your item to delivering it. I got the package in less than a week via air cargo.


I was truly happy with their service and I’m sharing that with you. So, if you’ll join the letter swap, you’ll be entitled to a raffle draw and one winner will get a Shipping Cart gift card. I will include the details on the mechanics.

I cannot be more excited about this. Snail mail plus a gift card? I’m doing the happy dance right now. See you at the letter swap sign-up form.


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