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I’ve been writing letters since I was young and every time I received one, it makes me feel really happy and special. I learned it from my Ninang Lisa who lives in the States. She would send me cards during my birthday or just because and I’d do the same thing to her. Since then, I enjoyed sending letters to family and friends abroad.

Then I found out that, April (which is my favourite month since it’s my birth month and it is also officially summer), is a National Card and Letter Writing Month. Although, it was just officially designated in the U.S. to raise awareness of the importance of the card and letter writing.

I’m not sure if we have that here in the Philippines but pretty sure, they wouldn’t mind if we celebrate with them. I mean, the more people sending letters all over the world, the merrier. And who doesn’t like cards and letters?

The campaign is to encourage everyone who will join to write a letter for 30days. You can still join this if you want to. I am doing this as well. However, my other way of celebrating National Card and Letter Writing Month is by hosting a Letter Swap. So, if you think, you cannot write a letter the entire month, you can just simply write one letter to one person.

Here’s what we will do… Just sign up so I can get your details. I’ll assign a partner for you after April 15 2017 (deadline for those who wants to join). Then, I’ll introduce you through email including the mechanics… and that’s it!

It’s up to you whether you want make a card or a letter. You can make a handmade card or printed letter. Combine both, either way, as long as you put it in an envelope and send it through post office. That’s the only rule. No express courier and no postcards. Because sending your letter to the post office and adding stamps at the back of the envelope is part of the fun.

If this your first time, don’t fret. I will make this fun for you. Plus, I’ll give you tips on what to write on your letter and what you’ll need.

Here are some ideas on what you can write about:

• Tell something about yourself  – What you do; your hobbies; favourite food/book; what’s keeping you busy

• Where you are from – Talk about your city or country

(What are your traditions. If you’re celebrating any national holiday anytime soon, you can share anything about this)

• Then ask the same thing to your partner

These are pretty much enough for your first letter to your partner. You don’t need to write a novel. We just want to introduce ourselves first. And from there, it can create another topic should you want to exchange letters after that. And you just made a penpal.

I want to make this fun and simple. So, no need to be fancy or be so creative when writing your letter. That’s why I called it Letter Swap because I would like you to spend more time writing rather than spending time creating the card. A simple letter set will do.

I remember getting letters that was written on a yellow pad and on an airmail envelope. And as it was magical. Like as if that person is just in front of you talking through writing.

Nowadays, because of the technology, all I get are emails or private messages. You get the message right away but it’s not the same. That’s why, I’m so happy to find out that this month is about writing letters. I want to share that feeling. Plus you gain a new friend. Let’s spread love through this simple gesture.

Since, we are writing a letter, here’s my suggestion on what you can write on.

Materials  for letter writing:

• Writing pad (a simple office supply or yellow pad will do)

• Envelope (airmail, big brown coin envelope for vintage look)

• or a Stationery set

• Pen (keep all your coloured ones, you only need your trusty pen)

• Sticker or washi tape (to seal the envelope)

• Stamps

**Php45 is the cost to send from the Philippines to anywhere. Make sure it will only weigh less than 100g

That’s it… you’re all set to write your letter. As you noticed, the materials are very simple because we’re doing this the old school way. If you used to collect stationery set before, now is the best time to use them again.

If you’re still thinking about it… watch this video from Write_on. I’m sure this will convince you enough.

Join me and the other letter writers on this campaign.

All you have to do is sign up here.


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