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I’ve been a lousy blogger lately. Pretty sure you’re not surprise about that. My laptop is still under repair so it’s hard to work without all my files. Buying a new one is not even an option. Well, simply because I cannot afford it. So, I need to extend more patience and dealing with whatever tool I have right now.

Anyway, since I have a lot of backlogs to post, I’m confused where to start. As I was looking at my photos I was reminded of my workshop in Panabo City last month. It’s a 30-minute drive outside Davao City.

I was invited to do a paper flower workshop by the Panabo tourism in celebration of National Art Month (February). All thanks to Ms. Mae Calonia for seeing my blog post about paper flowers. And because of that, she wanted me to teach the students how to make one.

They made a program flyer that also serves as an invitation with my name on it… so kilig! Still never used to seeing my name on flyers or posters.

The paper flowers they wanted are not the same from what I normally make. They wanted to display it in Panabo Museum after the workshop as their artwork. So, instead of my usual paper flowers that has a stem, we need to make big ones that will be glued on a wood board as the canvas.

Been practicing for few days how to simplify the petal templates and which flowers to make.

Artisan Paperie was filled with these paper flowers as I made some samples to show them what they’ll be making.

A day before the workshop, I had to go Panabo City for ocular and to prepare the wood canvas. Wacky was so kind to join and help me paint this board. (Yep, he’s my unofficial assistant, hehe).

On the day of the workshop, Wacky and I came very early at Panabo City Hall, where the workshop will be held. I placed 30 kits and materials on the table. I used old cans for trash and pen holder. I also added a zine as their guide for the templates.

So we did three flowers: Aurora, Daisy and Rose. I got so overwhelmed I forgot to take photos of the students while they’re making. But these were their outputs. Such creative students.

After we’re done making, I arranged and glued them on the wood canvas.

There were still a lot of flowers left so they decided to put them on the wall of the activity room.

What’s cool about government trainings is they give out certificate to students that can add to your credentials when you apply for something. Aside from the certificate of attendance, they also gave a TESDA certificate. They can use this if they want to join any TESDA training. Plus, they were exempted from class. Why didn’t we have this before?

My first time to hand a certificate like as if it’s a graduation day.

We had 5 different schools who joined us that day.

The hardworking and fun people of Panabo City Tourism. Thank you for having me.

And of course to Ms. Mae, thank you for inviting and trusting me to do the workshop in your city.

I forgot to take a photo of my unofficial assistant and driver, a.k.a the sweetest boyfriend. Thank you for being with me that day. I know it’s tiring just to wait all day but you did anyway. Much love to you, Babe.

You can see their paper flowers in Panabo Museum. If you happen to pass by there, do tag me if you’ll see the wood canvas.

If you’re also looking for a craft workshop for your city, company or just a group, you can email me at


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