Hello there… I am April San Pedro, a Graphic Designer by profession and a Crafter by heart based in the Philippines.

Last July 8, 2009, I opened a dainty store called Artisan Craft+Design Studio.

Also… I managed a family owned coffee shop named Coffee at Yellow Hauz with my sister Sandy. Once in awhile, I work as a barista there. And it’s one of my favourite workspace.
By heart, I just love making things with my hands. From making jewelry, clay, carving rubber stamps and paper flowers. But my favourite is playing with paper and my laptop as my canvas and tool. I like to combine both tradition and contemporary with my designs.
This blog is a creative outlet for me… a place where I share all the designs and crafts I make in my studio and sometimes what’s happening in my life. Though my life may be a bit boring but I do hope you’ll get inspired with what I do instead. Welcome to my creative realm…

22 thoughts on “A B O U T”

  1. Hi April!
    I found you through Blogging Your Way. Your blog is very nice and has a sweet personality. Your Bistro and Studio sound heavenly. I like you art. I am really enjoying the class and it is nice to meet other like-minded people. See you around!

    1. Hello Dori… so nice of you to drop by… and thank you for the compliment. Yes, true indeed its so nice to meet like-minded people… see you in class..

  2. I soooo love your stuffs! so KEWL! I’ve been to your place and I love it there too.. I hope I could buy some of your stuffs soon.. (especially the notepads and the stamps..) ^^

    1. Hello Zeishi… thank you for the compliments… I really appreciate that. So glad you were able to drop by in our place. You can check my designsofartisan.multiply.com in case you can’t drop by again and you wanted to check new items =)

  3. Hi! may I know where you bought the cute doily papers? I was thinking of using it as DIY envelope for my wedding invite. Please please please? Thanks! Ü

  4. Hi April…..I was browsing thru your blogs and your work. Quite impressive 🙂 I would love to visit your studio sometime to check out:)

  5. Hello Ms. April! :)) Everything about you and your blog is so cool and amazing 😀 I wonder how you learned all of your craft ideas? :)) Its all great! I want to learn also :(( I’m fond of making scrapbooks and crafts po ee and i want to learn more :))) I just have a little ideas of making some crafts 🙁 I’m also planning to buy some of your great collections 😀

  6. Hello! Ms. April your shop is kind of addictive (the beverages & cutie stuffs rather). I find yellow hauz cozy and a cool place to tambay. I’m interested in joining one of your workshops. Inform me, maybe? hehe! God bless po 🙂

    1. Hi Kate… thank you thank you for dropping by in my blog… sure… I’ll put you on the mailing list so you would know if theres an upcoming workshop =)

  7. Hi Ate April! I’m so lucky to see you! Waaa! My close friend who really adores is so jealous. So sad I forgot to take a photo with you so I can make him more jelly. Haha! I don’t know if you still remember me. I’m Carla with my two churchmates who bought calligraphy basic kit. 🙂 I really like your artworks! You are so blessed with artistic mind and hands. Hope to see you again. Blessings!

  8. Hello April, now I know your name. I’m Odette and it was my first time to visit your coffee shop and studio last Monday(01/25/16). I really want to join the workshop this Saturday but I can’t because I still have to go to my classes and I don’t have the money for the registration fee *cries*. But I’m keeping in touch now that I found your blog and fb page. And I’m definitely going back to your coffee shop and art studio soon. I’m also looking forward for more of your workshops. And oh, one of your employees is my college friend. More power and God bless!

  9. Hello April!

    I’m wondering if you still do workshops in Davao this year? If so, do you have a list of what kind of workshops?

    I’m really interested to attend workshops that has to do with arts and crafts. Like you, i really like tinkering with papers…but I’m more into origami and paper flowers.

    Kre Gaballo

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