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It’s officially summer!!! My favourite time of the year. Yep! Though, I’m not fond of  the scorching heat, I really get excited every summer. Not to mention it’s my birthday month.

Anyway, when I was still a kid, it was during summer when my creativity was truly honed. I get to play with my sister and friends outside. Read Sweet Valley High novels and Archie comics all day. Then since we don’t have much toys, my sister and I somehow found a way to play with anything we can think of. I remember, we played that we we’re working on a travel agency. Then we would book clients using a lot of our stationery (no computer then). That game lasted for days even weeks. From the time we woke up until we’re about to sleep. It was really a nonsense game, lol. No goals, no climax. It was merely arranging our own cubicle as our office and just wrote on our stationery. But for us, that was really fun.

Nowadays, kids play differently. Somehow, they are lucky because everything is almost accessible. They get to play with a lot of great toys, get to travel and workshops are available. So every now and then whenever I get a chance, I try to share my summer experience with kids plus I miss teaching them (I used to be a preschool teacher). To play and make something out of our hands. 

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So this Saturday, I have a kid’s craft workshop. I’ll be teaching how to make a Photo Banner. I already taught this at the Instax and Crafts and I also posted a DIY Instax Hanging Wall Banner tutorial in case you want to do it yourself.

You can simply do this at your home with your kids. But if you want your kids to meet and play with new friends, your kid is so welcome to join my workshop this Saturday.

All the details are on the poster above and you can register here. Let’s make this summer a crafty one, shall we?


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