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Admittedly, I’m a very lousy blogger since this year started (It’s been years, who am I kidding?). To be honest though, I quite miss it. I’m not really a writer yet somehow writing has been part of my creative process. I like writing on my journals and I blog what I do, thinking someone might be inspired as well as I was when I read other blogs

But you know, life gets in the way. As we always say.

I’m in London with my family right now and I remembered I have so many travel photos that I have yet to blog. And when I thought of that, it made me missed blogging. And I realised, the act of it, makes me feel inspired. For some reason, that’s what I needed and I’ve neglected that idea. Then on the other end, I keep on seeking for an inspiration. The odds of it.

I promise to myself though, when I get back, more personal projects and more blogging. Life will still get in the way, but it always does, right? It’s a question of “how bad do you want it?”

Anyway, on the other note… if you haven’t heard yet, there’s a new Instax camera called SQ10. Oh this camera is so genius. The combination of analogue and modern photography in one.


Few features I like about this. The film has a square form. So, if you’re an instagram addict like me, it’s convenient to print them. Another great thing about this… It’s already digital (no more damaged films). It has an SD card inside and you can simply edit it on the camera. Awesome, right?! When I found out about this, I cannot wait for it. Check SQ10‘s features and specifications to know more about it.

And since Fujifilm Instax wants to continuously improve their products to better serve the need of their users. They are giving away one Instax camera by simply answering this survey.

Go take that survey and you might just win an Instax camera.

When I get back, I’ll blog more about few projects I’m working on and previous trips I’ve been to. I hope you’re having an awesome Wednesday.


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