Instagram Sunday #81

Instagram Sunday

Home sweet home after almost a month of being away. I must say, I fully maximised summer this year. Had my few shares of the beach and to cap it off, spent a two-week vacation with the family.

I just got home the other day and I think I’m still experiencing jet lag. I slept at 6am yesterday and now I’m still so up. It’s already 1am.

Anyway, I will blog more about my recent trips but in the meantime, I wanna share few photos from my instagram @iam_artisan feed.

{1} Edinburgh Castle from afar but within the city

{2} The grey sky of Edinburgh

{3} Big Ben when you’re close to it and look up

{4} London Eye also from afar

I have few more photos in my phone and camera but I don’t know how others did it where they’re are so updated with their feed. I feel it’s consuming so much of my energy if I post a lot. I’ll try to keep up though.

But here are 4 people on instagram I find inspiration for travel photos. I thought you might want to check and follow them too, especially if you’re into photography or you simply want to see other placesThey’re my friends and boyfriend. They’re are also from Davao except for Nellal (Manila).

{1} Nellal {2} Applechuable {3} Rmbulseco {4} WackyMasbad

Speaking of instagram, I’ve been battling whether to change my account to my name instead of a username. I’ve been thinking about this for quite sometime now but it was just recently that it’s been lingering in my head. It triggered because I was thinking of my brand, Artisan Paperieon how to integrate it with my name. Having a username is quite confusing because I still need to use my real name. So it’s like having 3 identities.

What do you think? Would love to hear your thoughts on this.


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