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Two years ago, I had my very first brush lettering gig. I was still in Vancouver during the Christmas holiday then, when I got an email from Coffee Bean that they’ll be having their yearly Giving Journal activity in their SM Lanang branch and that they are looking for someone who can do a workshop for them for the 2016 planner launch.

I was really nervous about getting the workshop because I wasn’t really into brush lettering back then. As a matter of fact, brush lettering was not my friend yet at that time. But I had a month or so to prepare and learn to love this craft.

Hold and behold, when you really put your mind and heart to something and you keep practicing, you will really learn and master the craft.

So, I prepared the materials needed for the workshop like the module, watercolor set and brushes. Then I also cut the bookmarks and gift tags as part of the kit.

I spent one night in their GMall branch to feel the place. Although, the workshop was in SM Lanang. I wrote the name tags of the participants there and had a glimpse of these beautiful journals/planners.

Here I was on the workshop day, with my resting bitch face. But that’s because I was really nervous every before my talk, plus I guess that’s just how my face look like, lol.

Still writing some name tags.

During this time, I was still an ambassador of Instax. We got a chance to partner with Coffee Bean. Everyone got an Instax print. Those were my assistants (from left), Shiela and Cris. Then Joel, a friend of mine and he was handling Instax marketing and sales back then.

The event started by a welcome talk from their boss. They also showed videos of their foundation and their other activities of what the giving journal was all about. Then, it’s my turn (insert superzoom dramatic sounds effect from Instagram story). After some blabbing, I then explained how the brush lettering works.

After the demo, it’s their turn to do the drills and they had to come up with an output. I was roaming around to check on them and show them closely how to the strokes.

My blogger friends were quite busy and serious about it. Well, I wouldn’t blame them, because there’s a prize waiting for them after.

A little chika-chika with friends while waiting.

Once they’re done with their final output, they’ll had to post it and Coffee Bean will choose a winner.

It was about a 3 hour fun workshop. Everybody enjoyed the delicious snack prepared by Coffee Bean and everyone got to take home the Giving Journal. Then it’s picture taking time.

Here, I was with Sarah of FTLP. She was the one who recommended me to Coffee Bean. Thank you again, Sarah for remembering me when it comes to artsy fartsy stuff. I owe you this gig.

Mommy Cest or BusyQueenPhils also shared her story about the event through her vlog. You can check her YouTube channel as she shares more about what’s happening in Davao and about beauty and lifestyle.

The workshop would be so hard without my helpful and lovely assistants, Shiela and Cris.

Then to my unofficial helper/driver, Wacky. We weren’t together yet back then, haha. Writing this, brought back those kilig moments, naks!

And that’s when my first brush lettering gig started. I also learned how to love this craft. It’s quite handy for my other workshops or personal projects like journaling and etc.

If you like to be part of Coffee Bean’s activities, do follow cbtlph on Instagram. They have one coming up this weekend where I’ll be teaching DIY notebook to the Malagos Elementary School students. They are still looking for volunteers, so if you’re interested, just check the link where to email them.

I still have brush lettering workshop every now and then. If you like to join one of my workshops, you can subscribe to my mailing list (right side bar) to be updated or you can email me at [email protected].


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