Watercolor Painting Process: Rosa Canary Bird Flower

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If you’ve seen my previous post, I’m doing a 30-day watercolor challenge for myself. I’m using the book Watercolor Flower Artist’s Bible by Clare Waite Brown as my reference; Daniel Smith Fine Watercolours and Escoda Brush.

Nothing fancy or big canvasses. Just simply to hone my watercolour skill in painting flowers.

I’m doing batches of 3 flowers instead of painting everyday. But a total of 30 flowers for the entire 30 days of June. I’m trying to document the process of my watercolor flowers either on Instagram @iam_artisan or YouTube.

Here’s a painting demo of Rosa Canary Bird flower. I just added text layers on the video which I find it cool because I don’t need to worry about talking anymore.

Hope you enjoyed this simple video. Will try to document my process more often. Who knows, I might inspire you to start painting or perhaps pick up that brush that’s been sitting down for quite sometime now. May you create something this weekend.


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