Watercolor Painting Process: Imperial Crown

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Where did June go? Seriously? I’m cramming like crazy in catching up with my 30-day Watercolour Challenge. Sometimes, I ask myself why I’m doing this again? LOL. Then my inner self will remind me that this is pushing me to become better in my skill. True enough. It’s easier for me to understand the value now. Then drawing takes less than 30mins compared before. It’s not so bad actually. But when you don’t manage your time properly (which I’m truly guilty of) deadlines and life will catch up.

So, here I am feeling bad about myself for not finishing it on time. But then, I remind myself that this is supposedly a fun challenge and a learning process. Do you also feel this way too?

I’m using a book called Watercolor Flower Artist’s Bible book by Claire Brown, as my reference for the challenge, which is very helpful.

Here are the materials I used:

Watercolor Flower Artist’s Bible book

Daniel Smith extra fine watercolour

• Escoda Brush

Grumbacher Watercolor Paper Pad

Prismacolor Col-erase Brown Pencil

A time-lapse of how I painted the watercolour crown imperial.

I hope you enjoy this one. If you want to see the other videos of the flowers, here’s Rosa Canary Bird; Geranium. I post most of the botanicals on my Instagram feed @iam_artisan. Happy weekend, friends!


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