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Hello lovelies! Here’s another watercolor painting process. The flower is called Anemone. I like this flower, although I haven’t seen a real one but the first time I encountered this flower was from my Paper Flower workshop. While I was learning what flowers to teach, I came across Anemone. Since then, I started to like this flower. I actually wonder how it looked like in real life. In the meantime, I can just paint it and make a paper flower out of it. And I’m gonna share I painted it.

Here are the materials for the Watercolor Anemone:

• Watercolor Flower Artist’s Bible book

• Daniel Smith extra fine watercolour

• Escoda Brush

• Grumbacher Watercolor Paper Pad

• Prismacolor Col-erase Brown Pencil

Here’s the process on how you can paint it.

In case you got interested with this and want to learn more flowers, I started a 30-Day Watercolor Challenge tutorial:

• Petunia

• Gladioli

• Crown Imperial

• Rosa Canary Bird


Thank you for reading and watching the videos. I have few more videos on my Youtube channel. I hope you can like and subscribe too. Happy Sunday, everyone!


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