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It’s been months!!! Almost half a year now, I believe. That I haven’t touched my watercolor materials. It’s embarrassing and sad actually. So when I found out that Philippine Guild of Watercolorists / International Watercolor Society Philippines (IWS), which I’m a member of (yihee!) will have an exhibition here in Davao, I got really excited.

When Ms. Jinky, who is the head of IWS, contacted me to join the Watercolor Art On The Road, I was so giddy about it. However, with all the renovation of Yellow Hauz and my sister’s family being back home here in Davao, I didn’t find time to paint at all. I’m really sad that I didn’t push myself harder to be part of this exhibit and missed this opportunity. Nonetheless, I am so happy to share the details of the exhibit and the participating artists.

The exhibit will run from November 10-24, 2018 at Felcris Centrale. Artists from all over the Philippines are joining and we have 7 artists from Davao. I cannot be more proud of you all.

Since I wasn’t able to join the exhibit, I was so happy when I found out that there’s also a painting workshop by Dino Pajao. I’ve been wanting to join Dino’s workshop but he is based in Cebu with his wife Ethel. So, this, I’m surely going to join.

Also, if you’ve heard (of course, you have) De’s Artroom, where I get my Daniel Smith and Neef brushes, they’re the couple behind it. They’re the ones responsible for bringing Daniel Smith here in the Philippines. Now, Daniel Smith products are just an online away. A big woohoo for that.

Okay, there are still few slots available for the workshop. You can simply text the contact number from the poster to inquire and you can also go straight to Felcris Centrale tomorrow morning. It’s just P600 inclusive of materials already. If you’re up for a challenge, bring your own materials because there’s an on-the-spot painting contest too.

Now wait! This is an entire weekend event. If you can’t make it on Saturday. Then head over to Morning Light from 9:30-11:30am, because Dino will have a demo painting using Daniel Smith.

It’s totally a watercolor weekend. Definitely looking forward to it. Especially, now that Yellow Hauz is quite settled from the re-opening, my sister went back to Vancouver already. And I’m looking for something to ease my loneliness from them. And this weekend is just perfect. Are we going to see you there? I hope we will.


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