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If you’ve been to Disneyland, did you ever remember the feeling of being a child again and that you’re in the happiest place on earth? The moment I knew about Big Bad Wolf Book Sale few weeks ago, I cannot contain my emotions. I felt like a kid going to Disneyland.

Here’s a fun fact, I normally don’t prepare to any of the events I went to. But this one was really different. Because few days before the book sale, I’ve listed few books I’m hoping I’d find there. And I was so excited the night before.

The book sale supposedly will start on November 23 (today) but they had a VIP access a day before. All thanks to my cousin, Alecs for giving me a ticket and made me a very happy kid. So, yesterday afternoon, there I was with my book date, Wacky. Giddy and nervous for my wallet, lol.

As we entered Azuela Cove, you’ll find their funky sign which will get you more excited. 

And then… my jaw dropped! Pile, tables, rows, different sections of books in front of me. I totally cringed! It may look like a warehouse and not a library or bookstore but I don’t mind at all. The venue was cool and well lit. And that was all that matters to me. I was told that in Manila, their venue was 4x bigger than this. I can only dream about. 

When I was just about to make my action plan, the Craft and Hobbies section greeted me with a big smile. Like an old friend who’s so happy to see me. And I smiled back for over an hour. I mean, you can’t blame me, they have samples where you can check what’s inside. If you have time actually, I think, they don’t mind at all if you stay there for the entire day. And I’ve seen few books that I’ve been eyeing ever since in a very cheap price.

After an hour or so… I was able to gave in and finally picked a book to buy. This was just one of the books I bought.

On this same corner, we saw Nikki. A very good friend of Wacky’s. I wasn’t surprised though we saw each other on this side. Nikki and I normally talked about our giddy experiences whenever we come visit a craft or bookstore abroad. And she was already there for 4 hours and pushing a cart with lots of books. No judgment, I’m just jealous actually. Because I need to control myself from buying.

Anyway, don’t worry, they have other sections too. It’s not just a craft and hobbies book sale. I just got so busy on this on side so I wasn’t able to take more photos. But you’ll also find: Arts and Photograpy; General; Young Adult; Leadership and more for Children. I think they banked more on children’s book especially it’s a great gift this Christmas.

So, as we entered and left, Paolo Coelho‘s collection was calling me the entire time. He is my ultimate favourite author and I have his 8 books already. When I saw this set, I was about to cry because I promised myself to limit my budget upto Php1000 only. And if I’ll buy this, I cannot buy any other books anymore. I really had to choose my battle. Yup! I take my books seriously, folks! And on the other note, I already had his other books, so what am I going to do with the old ones, right? Then the ever supportive Wacky, suggested to sell the old ones. But then, I like the wrinkly old ones because I’ve spent time with those already. In the end, I was proud of myself for not buying this set. I’m just hoping when I come back, I can still refuse this.

That’s me and my book date after about 3 hours and 3 books. It took him just an hour, I think to check the entire place but still waited for me patiently. Big hug and love for you.

Found this sweet little bookworm, Mia, daughter of my good friend, Apple, as we were about to leave. She was so giddy when she went inside. It was like a Disneyland I assumed. I’m so happy to know some kids are still into books nowadays.

And here’s my book haul which might disappoint you because you won’t see as many books as you’d expect. But I’m trying to live a “minimalist” life. Alright… wishing to live like that. So, I’m rethinking every now and then if I’ll need or use the things I’ll buy as much I’d want to. And if not, I try to control myself.

But I’m proud for spending only Php860 (which is still below my budget) with three books. Patting myself at the back.

Had to choose one novel: How Proust Can Change Your Life by Alain de Botton; One how-to: Urban Sketching and Painting (was learning how to do this lately) and one inspirational: Claude Monet. It was a tough choice actually. 

What a great buy! These books worth almost or more than Php2,000 already. 

I’m still planning to go back of course. I’m really crossing fingers and toes that I’d be strong still.

If you want to check out the Big Bad Wolf and I strongly suggest that you must. They’ll be in Davao until December 2. And did I mention they are open 24 hours? Yup! If you’re a night owl like me, we might see each other there.

This reminds me that I used to blogged about book review before. If you want to check you can find it at my Wednesday Book Club category. I’m thinking of bringing it back, what do you think?


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