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November is quite special to me when it comes to creativity. Because this is when I started painting again after 6 months. All thanks to the Watercolor Art On The Road event that sparked my fire again. I was looking forward to that weekend. For one, my sister, nephew and Mama all left for Vancouver, days before the event. So, I was truly missing them and I was looking for something to distract me. And I was surprised because for almost 6 months or more painting nor crafting didn’t have any appeal to me at all. But after being with these people, I feel alive again.

Let me share to you what happened that weekend.

Saturday: The event was held at Felcris Centrale last November 10. The main show was really an art exhibit in the evening. But in the morning, they had a watercolour workshop and on-the-spot contest. So, early morning that day, I was really excited. Then, I saw Ethel of DEs Artroom, distributor of Daniel Smith here in the Philippines, for the first time. We’ve been exchanging messages for quite some time now and they got me to do a Daniel Smith demo at Morning Light two years ago. It was only this time that we met in person. And it felt like we knew each other for a long time. She and her husband Dino are also bisaya. That alone we already connected.

We had a little chika2 but Ethel was so busy setting up their booth since they’re one of the sponsors. So, I helped her out by putting out the Daniel Smith paints on a paper so everyone can try it out.

Can you see all those Daniel Smith paints? It’s like candy! Well… to a painter’s eyes, they were.

Odette came along and helped out too.

When everything was settled, Dino, Ethel’s husband and the artist behind the DEs Artroom, showed us the use of their brushes. Some of the watercolor masters of Davao was there to helped out and support too since we are all members of the organization (International Watercolour Society/ Philippine Guild of Watercolorists) as well. And they too were drooling over the Daniel Smith and other art supplies brought by DEs Artroom.

Few minutes later, the workshop started. Hosted by Ms. Jinky Rayo, also a watercolor master and head of the PGW. She’s the one handling the watercolor group in the Philippines. Since I wasn’t able to join the art exhibit, I joined the workshop. But here’s the funny thing. All the while, I thought, the on-the-spot contest would be after the workshop. So you get to decide after whether you want to join or not. Apparently, you can only join one.

Odette and I had to choose one. With my usual travel art materials and 6 months of no practice, we decided to go for the on-the-spot contest instead. Probably the most spontaneous thing I’ve done recently.

There were 9 of us who joined. Half of it were masters. I already knew what’s gonna happen, of course. You cannot compete with the masters. But doesn’t mean you cannot try. Plus, this was my way of pushing myself to paint again.

After 3 hours of painting at Mandarin restaurant with Odette and Crystal, we had to pass our artwork, finish or not. Can you guess mine? Fourth from the left.

This wasn’t my best but I was mighty proud for just simply painting and trying after six months of nothing. I was actually surprised there was still a form even I was so rusty already. And competing with the masters was already an accomplishment.

And these were the winners. Few of the masters who joined. Can you imagine, they painted that in 3 hours or less? And we all used a student grade paper. That’s what you truly learn and get from painting consistently. You become a master of it.

The winners with the organizers and sponsors.

The participants of the on-the-spot contest.

Here we were with the workshop participants.

But the non winners didn’t go home without nothing. We got a dot card from Daniel Smith. Woohoo!

All the while I was geeking out at the event, this man patiently waited for me at one of the coffee shops in the mall. Told him I was so happy and that I was with the people of the same mind. And he said he can see that.

I wasn’t able to go to the exhibit in the evening. But here are some of the paintings you’ll find.

The exhibit was participated by different watercolorists nationwide. Some even flew to Davao. This one was from Sir Lito Pepito and Vanessa Ong. Proudly Davaoeño.

Sunday Morning: The next day, Ethel and Dino had a painting demo at Morning Light.

Sunday afternoon: Then in the afternoon, supposedly, DEs Artroom will launch Daniel Smith’s new half pan palette at Yellow Hauz. Unfortunately, they had a problem with the shipping of the items so we had an art tambay instead.

We were joined by Ann Megg, Melissa and our little artist, Aomame. Also, there’s Steph, Odette and Crystal.

It’s so great to finally to meet Ethel and Dino in person. One of the nicest and generous people I’ve met. The next day, I had lunch with them and we talked about the business side of the art industry. Which was really refreshing and inspiring.

And that was one hell of a weekend. Full of paints, chika in between and a whole lot of inspiration. After that, I was so eager to use all my watercolour materials. Then I went back reading my art books again and watching tutorials on Skillshare.

Watch out for DE’s Artroom instagram because they’ll be having a giveaway and activities soon.

What do you do to spark your inspiration? And who are your enablers when it comes to art or craft?


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  1. I’m so happy to see you again doing art-one common thing we love! It was a jam-packed weekend full of pigments, creativity, and chitchats with fellow artists. And hey, it’s fun to compete with the masters. After all, it’s the joy of painting that matters. 😉

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