Gift Wrapping Using Newspaper


Yes my friends… it’s that time again. Time to wrap those gifts. And yes, I’m quite late with my Christmas preparation this year. On the contrary, I am not rushing any orders, except for the Artisan Paperie’s planner, Blangko. Other than that, only laziness is my excuse.

If you’ve been following along, you’ve probably noticed I’m really fond of gift wrapping, for some reason. I even designed Artisan Paperie gift wrapper. I can come up with gift wrapping ideas using simple materials. And I seriously enjoy spending time decorating the wrapping than buying the gift, lol. You can check gift wrap so you’ll get the idea.

This time around, I used newspaper as the entire wrapper. Yup! That old newspaper lying on your table can actually be used as something nice.

Materials for Gift Wrapping Using Newspaper:

• Old Newspaper

• Label Stickers, Ephemera

• Washi tapes

• Clear Stamps, Ink Pad, Acrylic Block

• Jute Twine

• Marker, Drawing Pen

Here’s a video tutorial how to gift wrap using newspaper.

Here are other ideas how you can decorate it.

You can use dried flowers as accent. And a sweet small card will always do the trick.

If you don’t feel like using the newspaper as the entire wrapper, you can just add it as an embellishment to your gift.

See… nothing fancy but I’m pretty sure, the receiver wouldn’t mind getting a gift wrapped with newspaper if you decorate it like that. Of course, if you just simply use it without decorating it, it will just look like a meat from the butcher’s shop, lol. And we don’t want that.

Anyway, my entire family is in Vancouver for the holiday. So, I’ll be spending Christmas with Wacky‘s family on a vacation. So, for now, they’re are probably the only gifts I’ve prepared for aside from the random kris kringle for group parties and for my godchildren. I haven’t packed my things yet, as usual. And I’m still thinking of doing art journaling later. We’re leaving early morning tomorrow, but I guess I work best under pressure.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you like the idea and will use the same thing for your holiday gift wrapping, would like to see how you decorate it. Please tag me on instagram @iam_artisan or @artisanpaperie.

Happy holidays, friends!


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