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One thing about crafters is, we love wrapping gifts. There’s a thrill when you can play with your creativity by using different materials. From kraft paper, ribbons and laces, trinkets, pressed flowers and pretty gift wrappersAnd that’s why I wanted to design my own gift wrappers, and finally here it is.

I wanted to make 3 sets with different designs just like from my previous post. But then I realized, okay I’m a bit ambitious. It takes some time to conceptualised a design and I have few days left before christmas. So I ended up making 2 sets instead.

One for christmas with typography design of christmas words.

and the other set is craft based inspired like polka dots, arrows and typography of beautiful words. So this can be used for any occasions. And this is how I did my packaging… rolled the wrappers together, then the other goodies are inside the coin envelope.

The Gift Wrapping Kit is only P190 and it includes: 20pcs. Black and White Wrappers; 15pcs. Sticker Labels; 1pc. 2meters Washi Tape.

Here are some few ideas on what you can do with it. Make it simple or crafty.

If you’re just from Davao, it’s displayed in my store and in Yellow Hauz. Or you can buy through my online store. Feel free to tag me in twitter or instagram: @iam_artisan with your photos.


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