5 Podcasts For Creatives


I’ve been addicted to podcasts lately. When I say addicted, as in literally listening to it 24/7. As I wake up in the morning; in the shower; working in my studio; driving, painting, everywhere, I tell you. Even when I’m about to sleep. You’ll hear it sometimes on my instagram stories. One time my boyfriend, Wacky, asked me where’s your podcast, because he got used to listening to it, lol.

Anyway, there are so many podcasts out there with all sorts of topics. From learning a language, religion, educational, marketing and more. But the ones I’m listening to are of course something for creatives. Mainly which talks about handmade crafting and selling.

I remember, I was already listening to podcasts way back before. But I never really got the charm of it. Listened to only few ones and didn’t even finish it. Then I realised, maybe I was listening to the topics that I was not interested in. So, few weeks ago, out of the blue (not sure what got into me) I searched for craft related podcasts. Surprisingly, there are so many of them. Since then, I couldn’t stop listening to it anymore.

So as not to overwhelm yourself which one to listen to, let me share my 5 podcasts for creatives.

The Purposeful Creative

This is one of the reasons that got me really interested in listening to podcasts. It’s really proud to say, this one is hosted by a Filipino. The Purposeful Creative is hosted by Arriane Serafico. I took few of her online courses before she launched this, so I already knew that her podcast would be inspiring as well.  She talks about how to explore your ideas and turn them into a career or business with a purpose.

Etsy Conversations

2010, I already joined Etsy. It was only few years ago that I wasn’t able to update it anymore. But this time, I’m thinking of re-opening it. So, I was thrilled when I found out about Etsy Conversations. This is hosted by Ijeoma, who’s also an Etsy seller. Her podcast talks about how you can go about with Etsy she’ll inspire you how to increase your traffic that might generate to more sales and listen to inspiring success stories of other Etsy sellers.

Creative Empire

As you may know, I have a small handmade shop beside our coffee shop, Yellow Hauz and it’s called Artisan Paperie. So, I really enjoy listening how other creative business owners turn their passion into an empire. Creative Empire is hosted by two ladies, Reina and Christina where they talk about the nitty gritty of having a creative business. You also get to hear stories of other handmade sellers on how they go about the challenges, which I really find interesting because you get to know more about the challenges involve and you can apply it to your own company.

Elise Gets Crafty

This one, also talks about creative small businesses. Hosted by Elise, who’s also a maker. She loves to attain goals through organisation. If you’ve heard about Get To Work Book, she’s the person behind it. In her podcast, she also interviews other makers which they share how their story began and their journey.

Dear Handmade Life

When I googled about craft podcast, this is where I landed and found out about other related topics. As the name of the podcast says, it talks about the life of the makers. Hosted by Delilah and Nicole, where they feature not only makers but also drinks (cocktail, tea or juice) while they discuss inspiring and insightful stories of different people. They also have an online course and they organised a Craftcation Conference which will happen next year.

As of now, I limit myself to these 5 podcasts only. They have so many episodes already that I can listen to for the next few months. Plus, listening to them let’s you focus on something. At least to me, turning my passion into a business. If you’re listening to these podcasts, these are more than enough to keep that passion burning. The generousity in sharing what they’ve experienced aside from knowing more makers out there that may have the same mind as yours is helpful enough.

Holiday in few days, which is a perfect timing to get inspired. I truly suggest to check out these podcasts. Plus, also go to their websites; most of them offer free add-ons if you subscribe.

Do you like listening to podcast too? Would you mind sharing your favourite ones? Comment below so others can see it too.


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