How To Protect Your Travel Journal Insert

Artisan Paperie

I figure out a little trick on how to protect the middle part (where the staple wire is) of the travel journal insert/refill.

Pretty sure, this is not a new trick to those whose been journaling for quite some time now. Forgive me, I’m a newbie here and I just want to share what I figured out to those who don’t know this yet.

If you find the middle part (where you can find the staple wire) a bit distracting and it may cause the elastic rubber from your journal cover to create a fiction and it might get cut eventually. Of course we don’t want that, right?

Well, you won’t need any fancy material. As a matter of fact, all you need is a washi or any clear tape and stick it all the way down. Make sure it’s in the middle. Washi is ideal for me because it’s easy to remove when you made a mistake.

Simply return it on your journal cover and rest assured it’s already protected.

I’m using my own insert/refill, Pandagdag. As for the cover, I’m using Airees Creates which you can also find in the physical shop. The kraft washi tape is from Muji. And the other stuff you can find in the photo were the various hoard I got from different bookstores and even from my own shop, Artisan Paperie.

On the other note, we still have few more stocks of Pandagdag that comes with a free calligraphy pen and P20 OFF. Yes, friends, you read that right. So, head over to the shop. You can also follow Artisan Paperie’s instagram to see what other stationery or what I called, cute nonsense stuff we have.


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