Printable Christmas List 2017


For how many years now since I started blogging, I try to make a printable Christmas list so I can prepare the gifts I need to buy and budget it thoroughly.

This time, I really need to prepare my gifts before second week of December as we will be spending Christmas and New Year in Vancouver with my sister. Yay! For spending holidays again together.

Anyway, for 2017’s printable Christmas list, I did a brush lettering for all the words and digitised them.

Here are things I used for the printable Christmas list:

• Moleskine watercolour sketchbook (small)

• Daniel Smith Watercolour – black

• 2/0 Watercolour round brush

• Tissue, water, pencil and eraser

Nothing fancy. You can even use a pen, marker, gouache or anything you’re comfortable with in case you want to do the same thing too. Then I took a photo of it, transferred it on my laptop and cleaned it on Photoshop.

I made 3 versions so I can group them. First, if you have so many gift ideas per person, this list will come in handy.

You can download Printable Christmas List 01 here.

If you know what you want to give to the recipient, the second version is more convenient. Since it has lesser lines and more names to write on.

Download Printable Christmas List 02

If you like handmade gifts or for family and friends that has similar gift idea like sending greeting cards, or gift tags, handmade keychain, etc. This version is for that.

Download Printable Christmas List 03 here.

I printed some for sample but apparently, we ran out of ink so the snowflakes and star didn’t show much and some of the words are lighter. But I’ve checked the size and the cutting lines, it should work fine in your printer. There are 2 lists in one legal size paper and just set it to a high quality print and you’re good to go. Enjoy printing as many as you want.

I hope this will come handy while you’re doing your Christmas shopping. Would love to see your photos too, please tag me on Instagram: @iam_artisan.

If you’re having a problem downloading, feel free to email me at [email protected].

Happy listing…


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