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Do you like joining monthly art challenges? Like, weekly, 30-day, 100-day or even a 1-year challenge. If you’re one of those who can truly commit to this, I salute you. That’s really brave of you. Because I seriously cannot commit to that. I tried, I really did. Remember 365 Doodle Project? I think I lasted for only 2 months then.

But last year, I tried joining Inktober.

Honestly, I was really hesitant to join because I know I won’t be able to finish it. But I pushed myself. I set aside all the pressure of making it like as if it would be a final artwork or the idea of diligently posting it online. Convinced myself, it would be just for me, have fun with the process and just to improve my drawing skills.

To make it more doable for me, I did not follow the Inktober prompts. My rule was to use a drawing pen and a soft notebook, so I can bring it with me anywhere. Then draw any objects near me in about 30 minutes only.

I wouldn’t lie to you, I didn’t draw daily. I did it every weekend. It’s quite challenging to find 7 subjects in one sitting. My drawing lasted for 2 hours or so. But, I told myself not to be pressure about it and simply draw for the heck of it.

I made a free e-book of my Inktober Sketchbook. Feel free to download it.

Here are few of the pages. Also, please don’t mind the description beside it. I just read few of them, found few misspelled words and wrong grammar. I sketched 7 subjects in one go, so my words were pretty messed up, lol.

Surprisingly, I learned few things along the way. Finding a subject made it easier. I get to critic my perspective and shadow. Overall, I would really say, it was such a helpful way to improve your drawing skill.

Tomorrow is the start of this year’s inktober. I’ll try my best to join again. I haven’t been in touch with my creative side for months now. As in literally did nothing. So, I’m a bit rusty, out of tune and very lazy. But, I’ll try to push myself again this time.

If you’re wondering what Inktober is… you can check it out at Inktober’s website so you’ll get to know more about it. You can also check #inktober2018 on instagram so you can follow what’s going on.

I hope, I was able to inspire you to participate too. See you on instagram?


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