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One of the things I’m grateful for are friends… More specially if they inspire and motivate you to become better and this year is all about becoming better, right? I’m so blessed to find friends like this…

Together with Airees, Lorra and Reg we’ve decided to come up with 365 doodle projects. Where we will make something creative everyday. Easy as that… no rules or whatsoever but simply just to have fun.

Truth be told, I was quite hesitant to commit on this. Oh you know me and commitment issues, haha… But I pushed myself. I thought, spending time in crafting or any artsy fartsy thing makes me happy, so why would I stop myself from being happy if it only take one drawing a day.

Surprisingly, aside from having fun and spending time in drawing, I get to learn few tricks during the process. I learn what tools I need better, get to play with different materials and finding my style.

I know there are no rules but I want to set myself some guidelines. I’m still really new in the art scene so I want to try different things. I’m thinking of themes every 15 days. I want to use watercolour, calligraphy tools or even mixed media, oh the possibilities are endless. Moreover, I feel I have the privilege to buy new materials, hihi.

Well yesterday, we launched our website. Where all our daily drawings will be posted. Hope you can check it out. You’ll see our work since January 1.

I also hope you’ll try this project too. Let’s change the world one drawing at a time…


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