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Happy New Year family and friends… I know by this time you have probably come up with so many resolutions and goals for this year. I know for sure because I’m also like that. I’m the type of person who likes to jot down my goals before the year ends. Mostly, this involves travelling into places, improving my skills and the business. I’ve been doing it for quite some time and so far, every time I look back, most of my goals have been accomplished. And since I had quite a lot of down time last month, I believed, I was able to listen more to my inner self.

I was talking to my sister yesterday and we find it funny how things changed as you grow older each year. From the wish lists of gifts to goals. Where you find happiness from a pyrex instead of bags. And goals become simpler and attainable this time.

Instead of setting up so many goals this year, I listed 5 things that can help me become a better person. Of course, I still have a lot of list in my journal but these 5 serves as my mantra. These are just simple if we come to think of it but it takes practice and determination but at the end of the year, it will benefit us. Here it is…

1. Focus

This is quite challenging to me. I really get distracted easily. I can’t help to multitask. Don’t get me wrong, multitask can be helpful, but imagine from simply throwing a piece of paper I can do so many things before reaching the garbage can. So sometimes, it’s not helpful at all. Which is why, I would like to put this mantra in the first order of goals. Although, this is applicable in simple everyday life, I’m looking at it in a bigger picture.

Last year, I was always disoriented. Couldn’t focus much with so many things, especially with myself and with work and I don’t like it. I hardly finished the things I needed to do. So, I intend to do it differently and focus this year, specially with my goals.

It won’t be easy, but take one step at a time. Don’t over think and just set your mind in reaching your goals.

2. Live the moment

Have you ever experienced waiting in line and your mind keeps on flying on what you’ll do next? I’m like that all the time… My mind tends to fly everywhere and I think because of this, I missed out a lot in reality.

That’s why I’m learning the art of living the moment. If I’m stuck in traffic, I try to observe the people, cars and sing in the car instead of imagining the things I could have done while I’m stuck. If I have to wait, then let it be. Be present. Live the now. Enjoy the moment even if things go wrong your way. Seriously, you’ll be surprise to know what you’ll get from it.

3. Create a habit

Every year, resolutions fill our journals but I’ve read in an article that it’s better to ditch those resolutions and try to make a habit instead. Reaching your goals doesn’t happen overnight. Having an abs requires you to exercise at least 3x a week. Learning new skills takes a lot of practice before mastering it.

So take it slow… and create a habit to become a better you. They say, its takes 21 days for your system to form a habit. I tried waking up early and I always go back to day 1. But that part, I think I might just have to accept I’m not a morning person. But this year, I have few things I want to become my habit. One of which is writing a gratitude journal everyday together with meditation. Another is reading at least 1 book a month. I’m also aiming for a healthier lifestyle thus I exercise at least 3x a week. Lastly, is a collaboration with 3 of my talented friends; Reg, Airees and Lorra. We’ve come up with 365 doodle projects, where we just draw or make something creative everyday.

Think of the things you want to happen and do it for 21 days and the next thing you know, you find it easier to deal with it more and more.

4. Be Committed

I have to be honest here. For a long time, I have a big fear in commitment in any forms. I can’t even make myself enrol in a gym because it scares me knowing I have to commit for a month. Can you imagine that? And it goes deeper.

But this year, I’m taking charge and changing it. This part is really important in becoming a better person. To form those habits, I have to be committed to it. And in order for me to attain my goals, I have to commit no matter what it takes. If I’m doing this half-heartedly, then for sure, I’ll get a half full glass of what I’m aiming. And I don’t want that. That’s why I’m saying to myself “whatever it takes…”  It’s actually great hearing it and somehow, your mind understands what you wanted.

5. Choose to be happy

Lastly, is the most simple one… yet somehow I feel we practiced ourselves to choose the other way around. Life will always give us ups and downs but it’s up to us how we handle our reactions, right? We will always have a choice… so choose to be happy this year. I know I’m doing so. And like my forth mantra… whatever it takes for me to be happy, I’m taking any chances.

I know you have better ideas in mind in creating a better you this year. If you’ve watched the movie Eat, Pray, Love there’s a part there where they were talking about “what’s your word?” And Liz was in search of a word. Until she chose Attraversiamo – let’s cross over. If you ask me, I’m choosing grateful. 

Just today, I was surprised by some family and friends surrounding me and felt how grateful I am for them. I feel grateful for you who are reading this, for you’ve been with me here in my blog for how many years now. Or if you’re new here, you’re taking the time to read it. These simple things really make me feel grateful…

How about you? What word are you choosing for yourself this year? Do you also have a list of resolutions or goals? Go share it out to the world, so the world can hear it and make it happen for you…

Happy new year everyone…


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    1. Thank you for dropping by sissy… I miss you here. You were my first and only reader back then hehehe… Glad we are on the same page with finding our words…

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