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If you were able to check our 365 Doodle Project, I did a line art for my first 15 days. What I like about this style is it’s very easy and it only needs few materials. A sketchbook, drawing pens, pencil and eraser and you’re good to draw.

Let me share few of the brands I’m currently using while making these line art.

{Left to right: Uni Pins; Pencil, Faber Castell eraser, Bindewerk Sketchpad}

Uni Pins – as much as I want to collect all the tip sizes, I opted to be practical nowadays and I just bought what I needed most {oh, maturity, lol}. These brand has been my trustee drawing pens since college and so far it did me good. I got .02 for my thin lines; .04 for the normal lines and .08 for the thick ones.  • Pencil – I’m really not particular with pencils. Though, I prefer a light shade. The one I’m currently using is just a freebie from a hotel. But if you want to know what pencil number to buy for the right shade, here’s a guide from How To Draw.Faber Castell Erasers – contrary to the pencils, erasers are quite important to me. So far, I really like how small it is, it’s cheap plus it has a dust-free kind. Although, it’s a bit biased because I’ve been a fan of Faber Castell since then and I love most of their products like the coloured pencils and ballpoint pens. Here’s a little fun fact about what dust-free eraser is.

TIP: Erase using the corners so the tip won’t be rounded. With this, the pointed tip can erase the small spaces without touching the other object. If the eraser got rounded, you can cut the corners with a cutter.

Bindewerk – I only found out about this sketchpad during my trip in Canada last year. The moment I saw that plain black cover, ahhhh it was like love at first sight. It was a bit expensive though but it was calling my name.

True to its price, the quality is really good. With 120gsm, 96 sheets, just enough texture plus there’s a perforating line so you can tear off the sheets easily. The paper doesn’t leave an ugly mark whenever I try to erase my pencil strokes.

Here are few of the floral line art I’ve made… you can check more from our porfolio together with the artworks of my other 3 friends.

Sometimes it’s good to invest in good quality brands. It may be expensive but you’re paying for the value. I spend more with notebooks, journals or sketchpads. Specially if it has a plain cover or in leather. My favourites are Muji and now this Bindewerk. Psychologically, it helps stimulate my creative juice {yes! I’m giving justice to some of my expensive hobbies}.

What’s the most thing you spend on? And what’s your favourite brands so far?


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