How To Make A Valentine Card


Happy Valentine, friends! This is one holiday season that I’m not really a fan of, lol. But it’s funny because I had a lot of previous blogpost, a mixtape and craft projects during Valentine.

Speaking of craft project, I just made a tutorial on how to make a Valentine card. I made this less cheesy because for the past few years, I enjoy spending this day with friends. I usually made them paper flowers but for a change, will give them a card this time. Nothing beats the old fashion way of greeting your loved ones or friends.

How to make a Valentine Card

Materials for Valentine card

Cricut Cuttlebug • Die cut templates and embossing folder • Patterned paper/cardstock • Sharpie • Washi tape • Scissors and glue • Artisan Paperie Heart Shaped Card Printable

Here’s a video tutorial on how you can make this simple Valentine Card.

It’s my first vlog with voice over. Please be kind, lol. It took me 3hrs to edit plus around 30 attempts on the audio. To the point I don’t find it eerie anymore, lol. I’ll try to make more of this. I hope you can subscribe on my YouTube vlog. I’ll share more DIY projects and creative process there.

Then once you’re done making your Valentine card, don’t forget to write your sweet notes at the back. You can put this in an envelope or just give it as it is like a postcard.

I’ve been seeing this cute Cuttlebug before but I haven’t tried it until now and I’m so obsessed with it. I am so happy The Happy Station brought the Cricut products here in the Philippines. Now, we have more reason to craft. Yay!

While I was making this Valentine card, I remembered how I enjoyed making crafts before, this is my first love before painting. But I haven’t done it for so long which made me realised, that’s what I’ve been missing all this time. I’m just so glad I was rekindled with it again. So, expect more of this aside from painting.

On the other note, what’s your Valentine plan? Wacky and I will be spending it with friends later tonight. Before that, I have a gazillion errands that I hope I’d be able to finish.

Also, I made another mixtape. I’ll share it in a while, I’m still making the album cover. (Yup! I take my mixtapes seriously as I would say it to Wacky, lol) In the meantime, you can check my previous mixtape and these other DIY projects that you can make this Valentine’s Day.

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