DIY Pop-Up Valentine Card


— Forgive the delay of this post. It totally missed my mind that I have prepared this post. But even though it’s not Valentine’s Day anymore, you can still do this simple DIY card, just because.

Nothing can ever beat a handmade card for a special occasion. All the more it’s the love month; making your own card can go an extra mile in expressing your feelings to your loved ones.

Here’s a very simple DIY pop-up Valentine card you can make.

Materials for pop-up valentine card• Watercolour {I’m using Sakura Koi} and paint brush

• Watercolour paper {300gsm

• Glue, Scissors, Double-sided tape

• Point 4 Pen {UniPin}

• Envelope

Downloadable Heart and Basket Template

How to make the DIY pop-up valentine card 

{1} Fold a 9×12-inch watercolour into half. Wet the upper side with water using the paint brush then dub watercolour {I chose red and orange palette} on the wet area and spread it by just dubbing.

** If you’re not into watercolour, just simple draw clouds or leave the background as it is **

{2} While you’re letting the card dry, download the printable heart and basket. Print in a cardstock or any thick paper. Choose any from the hearts and cut them. Then paint two colours on both front and back. Let it dry.

{3} Cut the basket and paint on one side {bottom}.

{4} Once the basket is dry, draw lines or basket pattern.

{5} When the painted hearts are already dry and the card as well, glue one heart in the middle of the card.

{6} Fold the other heart into half. Put a very thin double-sided tape in the middle of it and stick it over to other heart glued on the card and make it pop.

{7} Then fold the basket and glue it half inch below the heart. Making sure the open side is at the bottom.

{8} Draw a thick line or rope connecting the heart and the basket.

** You can write a hidden note inside the basket **

I also did a DIY Message in a Bottle few years ago in case you want more DIY ideas for the love month.

And also, I’ll be holding a Paper Flower Workshop this weekend, I hope you can join me.


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