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If you remember last year, I had a privilege to be part of Blissmakerie and shared my story… and that’s when I first met the very nice and sweet Rica Peralejo.

Anyway, late last year, Rica launched her new project called A Line A Day together with Elle Battung. It’s a lengthwise size pad serves as a daily journal where you can write your highlights or any thoughts in a small box. Basically, a daily one-liner thought.

Honestly, I have to admit… it was a bit challenging for me. Words are not my thing, if I may say. It will take me hours just to compose a blog post. And I tried travel journal before but I stopped because I had a hard time adding words to it {although, it’s not necessary but that’s how I see how others do it}. 

When January started, I had two journals to start with. This – A Line A Day and another one from Wacky which is Q&A a day (365 sketches). I am definitely not good in keeping up with daily journal nor sketches. Remember 365 doodle project? Moreover if I have to use words.

But surprisingly, I loved writing my thoughts or the highlights of my day rather than sketching everyday. I do it before I sleep. I recall my day and thought of the things I’m thankful for and what made it special. What I love about this is even if I had a bad and long day but tried to recall what happened, there is always something I can be thankful for. It reminded me of the good things and I get to appreciate the small and big things and know myself better. 

It’s truly amazing that a talk from Blissmakerie lead me to meet Rica and she was able to help me discover myself more by putting them into words through this journal project of hers.

If you’re reading this… I wanna thank you Rica for sending me this. Once in awhile, I read back and it gives me a positive outlook on how I spent my day and I became more appreciative.

I’m not sure if she still has stocks, but there are few stores in Manila where you can find it. Or simply send her an email through her blog. I’m quite sure she’ll have this again for next year, and I’m planning to order some for the shop. So if you’re just from Davao, I’ll bring this to you.

You know, there is really something amazing when you put your ideas, reflections or anything you’re thankful for into writing – you put more power to it. And when you read it back, you’ll see and realise how far you’ve grown from the time you actually wrote that. And I wanna share that with you next year when she’ll have another of this.


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