Blissmakerie 2015

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This year, great things just keep knocking on my door. Mostly, opportunities to share to other people about my journey in pursuing my passion. As much as I fear speaking in front of many people, I cannot missed these opportunities.

Moreover, when Audrey invited me to do a “follow your bliss” story for Blissmakerie. I was truly overwhelmed when found out about that.

The Blissmakerie is where women gathered of all sorts from creatives, bloggers and small business owners, either you’re a working single lady or a mom that aims to inspire others to make things blissful. This is made possible all because of Martine’s dream in creating a community where women could talk about their passions, goals and dreams.

When I saw photos of their first Blissmakerie last year, I was drooling over it. Wishing I was there too. It would be very nice to be around these women empowering and encouraging one another to make things a reality. That if one can do it, anyone can also follow.

Not just that, you get to have a blissful box as well. A box filled with things that can inspire you and just simply make you smile.

Last month, I had the privilege to finally meet these ladies behind Blissmakerie in person. {Top to bottom} Rikx, Audrey and Carmel. Together with Martine, we were able to talk over coffee about the things that encourages us, a little bit of our stories and what’s going to happen for the Blissmakerie. {Photo from Audrey}And… this is going to be tomorrow… I’m seriously having butterflies in my stomach now. Aside from that, I planned on giving paper flowers for everyone and yet I’m still doing half of it. Yes! I need all the luck tonight and tomorrow.So tomorrow, I’ll be talking about my life journey from playing with numbers, now to patterns and paints. I’ll share how I was able to follow my passion and the struggles in between.

Deep inside me, I am really nervous but at the same time, also excited to meet these ladies. I just really hope, my simple story will give something relevant to their own stories and be able to find blissful to it.

{Photos grabbed from Martine’s blog}


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