DIY Fabric Art Canvas for Cultivate Blog Tour


I cannot be more honoured to be part again for the third time for Bonnie’s blog tour of her new fabric collection called Cultivate.

I have to admit, my ideas for anything this year strike me very very slow. However, if I may say, these ideas may come slow, but somehow, I like how these ideas turned out. What I like about is I am able to explore different styles and not just with graphic design. And as you may noticed, I am very much drawn to art lately. I’ve been painting with watercolour and acrylic. So, I know for a fact, I wanted to create an artwork with Bonnie’s fabric.

An idea of an abstract painting came in mind and a word that I wanted to be reminded of was what I wanted to spell out with the fabric. So, here’s a DIY fabric art canvas that you might want to try for an artwork in your room.
Materials for DIY Fabric Art Canvas

• Canvas

• Acrylic Paint {Deep Rose Magenta, Raw Sienna, White, Yellow Deep, Gold}

• Fabric cloth {from Cultivate Collection}

• Goil foil {optional}

• Martha Stewart Decoupage Glue

• Paint brushes, Scissors

How to do it: 

I haven’t tried abstract painting yet, so, I went to look for an inspiration and found Live Love DIY

{1} I painted on an 12×18-inch old canvas that I had. If you have an old artwork, you can simply cover it up. I used the same palette as this gold leaf art from Live Love DIY since I had to match it with the fabric.

** I have to warn you though, if you do an abstract art, its better to go into your inner emotions and spirituality as you expressed yourself with this. As for me, I used a mantra that can uplift me everyday as I see this art.{2} If you want to use the same mantra I used, you can simply download it here. Print on a 8×11-inch thick paper then cut each letter.

** If you’ll use a different word, I suggest to use serif or sans serif typefaces so it wouldn’t be hard to trace and cut.{3} Trace each letter at the back of the cloth and snce you’re using the back, make sure your letters are faced down.

** Try to fit the letter where the design the pattern is.{4} Arrange the cut out fabric where you’d want to place it on the canvas. With this, you will know if you have enough room or if it’s already aligned without gluing it yet.

Apply decoupage glue at the back of the letter and paste in on the canvas again.{5} Once you’re done with all the letters, cover them with decoupage glue again to seal your letters.{6} Brush off some decoupage glue on areas you want to put it. Paste the gold foil. Rub it with cloth so it will stick to the glue properly. Give it at least 15mins to dry, then peel off the foil.

** The gold foil is optional. But this will really add some effect to your artwork. Although the gold acrylic paint does the trick too but I wanted mine to have more dimension.
And you’re done! An old canvas turned into and abstract art with a mantra.

I placed it in my bedroom so every time I see it, it uplifts my heart.

Go check the other crafters who participated on the Cultivate Blog Tour. I’m definite, you’d love to try one of the projects there.


4 thoughts on “DIY Fabric Art Canvas for Cultivate Blog Tour”

  1. I love your DIY idea. I’m also into art so your craft really caught my attention. Simply soothing. That really complements light hued backgrounds. 🙂

    1. Hello Jeff… thank you for dropping by in my blog and for leaving me a message. So nice to know someone is reading this from CDO… What kind of art are you into?

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