Instagram Sunday #66

Instagram Sunday

Hi friends! Yes! I am still here. Still wandering, still floating and exploring things and places in my very slow pace… and yes, I am also trying to revive my instagram sunday posts. Just so to get my groove back with blogging. I can’t believe how time flies,”ber” months are coming… I haven’t done anything yet for my own stationery brand.

Anyway, I see myself being comfortable with watercolour lately. I am trying different artworks like cityscapes and so far, I like it very much. 

{1} I tried painting again with acrylic but because I lack practice, I got a little frustrated and couldn’t get what I wanted to paint, so I went back to watercolour and painted landscape instead.

{2} This one became my favourite so far. I haven’t tried this one before; a photo reference I saw on Pinterest of a corner of a place. I love the neutral colours and the lose techniques I did on this painting. At first, it was a bit tedious and frustrating but when I took a photo of it, it actually turned out great.

{3} A painting of Santorini. I displayed this one on my bedside wall to remind me how much I wanted to visit this place. One day…

{4} This one was New York. This was a gift for someone who always dreamt of this place. I seldom give my artworks because I have a hard time letting go of them; but I did this time.

All these paintings was somewhat inspired through instagram. Because whenever I see the artworks of these people I follow, it inspired me to paint as well. You’ll just never know what other people can get from what you share, that is why, I would like to share these people to you too. Who knows, you’ll get those paint brushes after reading this.

{1} Kataucha {2} Majatakmaj {3 } Kalachevaveronika {4} Charlotte Duffy Design

I’m quite excited for next month. I’d be travelling most of the month starting next week. Half of it, I’ll be with my sister… just the thought of it is making me so giddy.

Today is so slow, as always. Been watching movies, half sleeping, eating chocolates {gaaah} and finally, I pushed myself to blog, so I can feel I’ve been a little productive.

Tomorrow, is a holiday, but I don’t have holidays, not complaining though. I’d be doing a painting thing for a blog tour which I’ll share tomorrow and some errands I think. How about you? What did you do this weekend?


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