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Weeks prior to Graphicon, I had watercolor session with the Waterkulto people. And this time, we’re growing bigger. Yay! Before we were just three and now, we have new people joining in. And boy, they’re so talented that I just want to cover my work.

So one afternoon, we went to Cafe 52 to gather and play with watercolor. We shared our tools, then some tips and non-stop chika about anything else.

From left to right, that’s meXiaoJadIra. Aidx {not in the photo}. If you love watercolor or any art related, you’ll love their instagram feed. Let me show you why…This is Jad. One of the most talented lady I know. I knew her because of her music. And since then, I became a fan of hers. And now, she’s part of the group and I love how generous she is in sharing what she knows or what products she already tried that worked or not for her. And I tell you, this lady tried so many artsy fartsy materials. Look at her beautiful artworks in a game card size. I’m not sure if I can paint as small and detailed as this.Here’s Xiao. She loves cat that sometimes I joke around maybe the one who stole, Sheldon {our fat cat}, hehe. She owns Alleycat Tea House, thus the name of her shop. I find her drawing so kawaii. I get the feeling I’m in Japan whenever I see her artworks. Xiao does watercolor and digital too. There’s was a time, I tried to draw something cute like hers… eeeek! Didn’t work for me. Didn’t look cute. I requested Xiao to paint me… and look? I used her artwork as my intro in Graphicon. Thanks again Xiao, still owe you my art swap.This is Ira. I remembered, I invited myself when I found out about Xiao and Ira were doing waterkulto sessions. And when we had our first session, she shared her sketchbook with all her daily beautiful artworks. It’s so inspiring. Then, I went to Morning Light {an artist’s haven for art materials here in Davao} right away and looked for a small sketchbook because I got so jealous how handy it was, hehe. But I didn’t get to paint as much as hers.Ira sketched and painted the five of us on her small sketchbook.This is Aidx. Another multi-talented young lad. From video editor/director, photographer to hand letterer.
And… me.I cannot draw nor paint people, so I try to shift from that road and paint landscapes instead.I got tired of my landscape painting already and saw Jad doing calligraphy so I copied her, hehe… I wrote our names with a nib and watercolor and spelled Aidx’s name wrong. Jad was sharing tips with what other materials she used with the nib.And when you have art play dates, normally, this is what it will looked like. You’d be talking while your hands are busy and your heads are all tilted down. Then you’d order more drink or food because you will get hungry after awhile…
It’s really nice to have these people around. I get to learn different styles, new ideas, and just merely being with the same minds. A bunch of people who understand your struggle when it comes to art and yet encourage and inspire you to be better at the same time.
It’s been awhile since our last session. Hopefully, we’ll gather again soon… Next week maybe?

If you’re reading this, I encourage you to gather people and have sessions like this too. It can really help you in so many ways. If you’re from here and would love to join us, we’d love to have you too… leave me a message so I can update you when is our next session. Don’t worry, we won’t bite, hehe.

P.S. Photos were taken with Fujifilm X-T1. All thanks to Joel for lending me this beautiful camera.


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  1. Mabuhay ang water kulto gang. I really want to go these water color sessions but I’m always busy with work (boo). Maybe one of these days I will get to hang out with you guys!

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