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Okaaaay… while I was attempting to write this blogpost, I was staring at it blankly for a long time. I seriously don’t know how to start this.

You see, I can just invite you to one of the biggest design conference here in Davao which I’ve been a big supporter of and it’s called Graphicon4. But that’s the easy part. The hard part? This year, I’m one of their speakers.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel so honoured, beyond words actually to be part of this. But speaking in public, 1500 expected participants to be exact, gives me not just butterflies in my stomach but I think this time, I have dragons in it. Yup! Growling and spitting fire inside my stomach.

It’s their 4th year and they’re becoming bigger and bigger. I remember their 1st year and I got so starstruck and so inspired with the speakers and eventually became friends with them. I also love how they broaden the lineup of the speakers this time. They added more field in the creative world like photography, paper crafting and typography aside from the illustration and animation as you can see from above’s poster.

And yes! I’ll be sharing about how I incorporate graphic design to paper. I’ll try to inspire you that graphic design can be so much more and I do it with paper.Here’s a simple video ad to give you a glimpse of what I do as paper crafter… Let me give big thank you to Joy, our Yellow Hauz barista for being so patient with me in taking my videos and Paolo Villanueva for teaching me how to use iMovie so I can edit this video. The first one I did was just with my iPhone and I didn’t know it should be on a landscape format, oh it was so ugly and I got frustrated with it. Now, I got hooked with video editing.

It’s only 8 days more to go before Graphicon4 {oh, the jitters I feel right now}. But seriously, I would like to invite you on July 18, 2015 at SMX Davao. I’m pretty sure you’ll love it.

Here the outlets where can buy your tickets.

I also suggest you bring the following: notebook and pen so you can take down notes. Business cards, you’ll never know who you’ll meet and talk to. Friends who’d be interested as well; the more the merrier as they say, right?

I hope to see you next Saturday. If you’re coming, please do say hi. It would be nice to see familiar faces or meet new friends.


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