Graphicon 2011

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For the very first time ever… a graphic conference was held in Davao City. I was so excited when I knew about Graphicon. Moreover when I found out one of the speakers was Seph Mayol from Cebu. And the others were from Manila and of course from our very own city, Davao.

The speakers were very inspiring specially to the students. I love that the speakers had a certain topic aside from sharing their own experiences. Let’s start of with Drei Boquiren, a motion graphic designer who was from Davao. He talked about how to explain your work to your mom. I couldn’t be more proud for a fellow Davaoweño. They also had Snow Chua from Get Cre8ive Manila, who talks about Copyrights.

Then Sonny Leon, a graphic designer, who showed his uber great illustrations and talked about the Left and Right Brain. And of course, Seph Mayol, a multi-media designer from Cebu. Remember last Graphika Manila? Well that’s the first time I knew about Seph Mayol and since then, I was totally wowed {if there’s such word} with his motion graphics and his great website portfolio.

I saved-up a lot of courage to introduce myself after the event. I’ve been tweeting him prior to the event {feeling close? hahaha}, so I thought it was just the proper way {alright, I’m just defending myself}. Of coures, must have a photo with him.

The finale… the speakers were asked some questions. They also had Ritchi and Dee Baquirin from PGDA Manila.

That’s me and my ever trustee partner, Heintje and I made him a little snail tattoo from the graphicon stamp. The event wouldn’t be possible without the organizers. That’s Ray Rubio from Cubepixels {I’m sure you know him if you’re a local graphic designer}. With the help of the official Davao group of the animators and designers, DUAAD.

I made a little participation on this very first Graphicon event by sponsoring a notepad sampler. 

It was a total success with 600 participants, can you imagine that? See you again next year… I wonder who will be their next batch of speakers…

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