Christmas Bazaar at DavCon

Bazaar + Exhibit

Every year, it’s a tradition for me to join christmas bazaars. I really don’t know why but I just love the feeling of bazaars.

Although this year, White Christmas Bazaar skip its 3rd year, but you can check our photos from 1st and 2nd season. But it didn’t stop me from joining, of course. Unfortunately, due to procrastination, I wasn’t able to book a space in DavCon {seriously, that was really unexpected, haha}. But gladly my friend Che and Ikei were generous enough to share their booth with me and my sister.

I was happy because this is where a good friendship begun. It’s like our anniversary, with me, my sister-Sandy and our friend who looked more like my sister-Che {ha-ha}. And we all shared one booth with Ikei, who’s also our friend.


While we were setting up, our necklaces from Le Blanchette was tangled with each other. Imagine almost 30pcs. of necklaces needed to be untangled? And guess who’s there to the rescue?

Meet our new crafters… Heintje and Che {ha-ha}.
My sister, Sandy was just sitting there, not helping… boo! haha

And after 48 years {as the expression goes}… finally! Everything was set and unharmed, haha.

Here’s a booth version from my iphone…

See you again next year… a bigger booth next year, hopefully.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Bazaar at DavCon”

  1. Your stand looked gorgeous. You are such a talented artist. I am blown away by all your lovely pieces and attention to detail.

    I also enjoy all your DIY tips. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Hello Lelanie.. thank you for your kind words and for dropping by… I’m really glad you enjoyed my DIY’s… It fuels me up every time someone appreciates it… =)

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