Christmas Handmade Craft: DIY Fabric Flower


One thing I haven’t tried yet is to sew. Seriously, I find it weird because our family knows how to sew. From my grandma to aunts, mom and even my late dad. I do know how to use the needle and thread but never tried the sewing machine yet.

Thankfully, Emily of Jones Design Company has a fabric flower tutorial that does not involve sewing machines. And this can be used as an embellishment for a pillow.

 Photo from Jones Design Company

You can also make a smaller one and use it on a headband just like what Emily showed on her blog. If you’re still thinking for a gift, house warming or simply wanted to change your pillows, you can reinvent them with Emily’s tutorial in two different ways. I’m eager to try this one since I don’t need to learn how to use sewing machine.


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