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Forgive my lack of blogging and for not updating my creative projects. To be honest, I’m quite unproductive the whole February. My brain just seriously froze or didn’t function at all. You may call it creative block or I just lost my mojo. Slowly though, I’m getting back to my rhythm. But it’s moving in a very slooooow motion.

Since the year started, I stopped accepting custom projects. As in… I stopped making invitation suites and other design related. I think, I got a little burnt out or probably got bored from doing it… so I’ve decided to stop for awhile or for good, that I don’t know yet.

Anyway, if you’ll ask me, what’s keeping me busy… well… I’m not sure how to answer that… When I decided to be on a sabbatical leave, somehow, I got a little scared thinking, what will I do? But on the other hand, it opened me to many doors of possibilities.

One thing that keeps me busy though is… I’ll be taking a brokerage licensure exam this May. Yes, I know it may sound far out from the way you’ll know me, but I took up Accounting during college, and now I’m shifting back again from creative visuals back to numbers and words. It was challenging at first, but I’m learning to love it again, like I used to.

Though, the brokerage exam is already keeping me preoccupied, I still can’t help play with anything to do with arts or crafts. Mostly art this time. For the past few weeks, I hardly touched my laptop… which is a good thing. And went back to basics. I love playing with watercolor, pens, acrylic paints and canvas lately.

Gladly, I found art playmates. And the great thing about it is, I get to learn a lot from them. I learned different techniques and the uses of other materials. Which I find very inspiring and helpful in pulling me out from my rut.

Last month, I was able to see these ladies again. You probably know them from instagram and of course from 365 Doodles. {Clockwise} Me – Airess – Reg – Lorra. That’s us in Cafe France in Megamall, while Lorra was teaching us how to do watercolor lettering.

Then I started the week of March by learning again the basic calligraphy by La Bella Scrittura. I was so happy they finally had a workshop here in Davao and was able to meet these ladies in person. {Clockwise} BernaCharmKatia – Me – Aileen.

And what excites me more is, I also found art playmates here in Davao. Yay! {Clockwise} That’s Xiao – Me – Ira. I’ve known Xiao from DGDC and Ira through instagram. I saw a photo of them doing a #watercolorkulto thing and I invited myself right away, haha. {Yup, in case we’re friends on instagramI might do the same thing too}. So we met up weeks ago at Coffeecat and we had all night talking about watercolor techniques. I got so inspired when I saw their art journals that I bought a new one right away the next day. Then I just played with watercolor all throughout the week.

The good thing about on a sabbatical leave is I don’t have to deal with deadlines anymore. I feel I have all the time in the world. Well technically, still not… Because I wanted to do so many things, I can’t even decide what to do first. Whether to do watercolor, calligraphy or drawing with pens. Oh! the possibilities – are endless! Oh, yeah, the reading part for the exam too…

The downside though, I need to be wise in spending my money since I’m not getting any projects. But it also allows me to used whatever I have instead of buying new things just to hoard.

Since I played the last week, I’m concentrating more with reading this time. Let me rephrase that “I’m trying to concentrate” would be the right thing to say. I easily get distracted with so many nonsense things.

Anyway… I have more things to share with you. From my updated 365 doodles artwork, an invitation to talk in a very very big crowd this July and new tools I’m addicted to.


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