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Admittedly and embarrassingly, my 365 doodles was not fully updated. But, I’m still doing it, and will definitely finish it this year. My February though was a total fail, I’m not gonna deny it. I attempted an idea of trying out new material like colored pencils but I didn’t like it so I’m making another series for February. Then I didn’t notice it’s already March. Where did it go, seriously?

This month, I’m proud to say, I have been a good girl that I’m doing my doodles regularly. I’m trying out a different style and playing with words through quotes but still with ink. I think, I’ll be sticking with ink for now. I’m really getting comfortable with it and somewhat enjoying the simplicity of black. But you might noticed I’ve shifted from UniPin to Micron.

Anyway, I’ve thought of quotes this time because I was inspired by my Bf-f Reg, during our Mt. Pulag trip last month. We had a very good conversation about patience and life in general. I find it truly amusing that the universe will bring you to the right person at the right moment to be an instrument and helped you understand things. One of my beliefs are “There’s no such thing as coincidence, because it all happens for a reason,”

When I came back home in Davao, I needed to be reminded of these things and so putting them into writing is a good way for me to remember and be moved by it. Plus, it’s a bonus I get to practice hand lettering too. Reg also has a #365DoodledNotesToSelf on instagramWhile I was already doing this for days, I saw another friend, Anna, posted a book, May The Thoughts Be With You by Charlotte Reed. The simplicity and honesty of how the book came about inspired me. She wrote quotes with illustrations everyday to helped her coped during her depressions days.

Now, I am not depressed, but I need to remind myself to have faith that whatever I’m going through right now has a better purpose. I’m slowly seeing all the lessons I’m supposed to learn but somehow life is teaching me to be patient and be still for now. Right now, I just have to savor what is given and enjoy the journey instead.

You can see all the quotes here. If you’re also going through some rough patches right now, I hope these quotes will also be a reminder to have Faith and simply trust in Him and the process He’s given you.


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  1. Hey, girl, need to get in touch with you as soon as possible. You know my number. Remember that collab we’ve been talking about for 48 years? (Okay, exag…use na lang your present age :-D). Well I’ve finally worked out something…with fireworks pa…. and we need to discuss asap. I think you are going to love this like I do. Smile and drop by my blog sometime! 😀

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