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I’ve been quiet and been going to places lately. Still having a little hard time finding back my rhythm. My way of getting back to it is indulging myself to different art form. I’ve conquered my fear in painting; tried acrylic for the first time which is very liberating and really fun. Oh, I’ll tell you about that next time.

Anyway, I just came from a trip and I brought my watercolor set with me. Surprisingly, I was able to paint a series of flowers in a short time. I wasn’t afraid anymore to get dirty and make mistakes in painting. All thanks to my painting mentor, Ms. Dadai.

So, I was getting the hang of it and I thought this would also be a nice theme for my Mother’s Day CardIf you’re still thinking what to give to your Mama, here’s a simple yet very personal way of sending your love to our beloved mothers.

All you have to do is print this mother’s day watercolor printable cardMake sure you set your printer to high quality and I also suggest you use at least 200gsm textured paper to give the watercolor effect more realistic.

I left the bottom part blank so you can handwritten your name on it…

You can leave it as it is, but the fun part would be adding embellishments at the back.I love adding coin envelope and put an instax film inside. Moms definitely love family photos. And what better way to add more cuteness to your card but with Instax. Go get your washi tapes, tags, pens, stickers, every craft stash you have. Don’t forget to write a little note on the side too.If you’re still want a different idea on how to design your card, I made a DIY Crafty Notes for my sister few years ago. Maybe, you’ll find that interesting too.

Here’s another tip… you can also use this as a postcard. Simply add address lines at the back.

We’re spending Mother’s Day with the whole clan in a resort as our family summer affair. How are you spending this day with your Mama? Whatever it is, a warm big hug and a sweet kiss will always do the trick. So don’t forget to give that too.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there…


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