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Christmas came early for me this year… I’ve been keeping this for weeks now and I cannot contain my excitement… It took me awhile to get a hold of it and I didn’t have a solid idea on what kind of DIY project I’ll be making for this opportunity. But slowly, inspiration kicked in and now it’s gonna happen soon.

What I’m trying to tell you is… I got invited to become an evangelist here in Mindanao for FujiFilm Instax. Yes, like an ambassador. Oh my goodness!

Seriously, I still cannot believe it. Two years ago, I became a fan of Instax and added it in my store. Then months after and just recently, I can’t stop posting about it in my blog and instagram feed. Now, can you imagine my excitement? Well, I still can’t. And all thanks to ate Jojie.

First order of business is to have our very first DIY event here in Davao.

I’ll talk about an easy DIY project on what other things you can do with your instax photos. While ate Jojie will talk about double exposure in using the instax camera.

If you’re following me on instagram, I posted a sneak peek on what I’ll be sharing. It’s a simple DIY project called LampStax {a lamp with instax}. I wanna share more about it, but better come to the event instead so you can see exactly how to do it. Plus, Yellow Hauz is also collaborating with Instax. We’re giving away free InstaxCoffee, freebies and more…

If you’re from Davao, we are inviting you to join us this coming Saturday. You can email me at [email protected] so I can include you in the guest list. Kindly RSVP before May 15, 2015. I tell you, you’ll love. And did I mention about the freebies? Hahaha… Ain’t that exciting enough? Oh yes it is…

Also, every month, expect me to share different DIY projects with instax. So if you own an instax camera or you’re planning to buy now, I’ll teach you how you can use your photos in different practical ways. Here’s what I did for Mother’s Day by the way.

I hope to see you there… No need to bring anything, just yourself, your kids or friends and family. Do say hi to me if you’re there…


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  1. I LOVE Instax! 🙂 Too bad I was not able to attend your event because I’m out of town 🙁 But, I’d loved to learn more about it. I look forward reading your posts on DIY Instax projects. Keep the creative juices coming! 🙂

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