Crafty Notes for Sandy and Opet


After christmas, my sister left for Canada to be with her husband. I was a bit emotional but Sandy and Opet had been in a long distance relationship and I know they deserved to be together after their marriage. So instead of feeling sad for missing my dear sister, I feel happy that this year, they will be together finally.

The night before her flight, I inserted these cards which I called crafty notes in her luggage. One for her and one for Opet.

For Sandy’s crafty note, I put some simple essentials that I thought she might needed there. Not that Canada doesn’t have these things but these are the ones we shared the most. But basically, just full of nonsense things. The coin envelope has instax photos inside from our recent parties and some ugly doodles on the sides.

There’s also a photo postcard of coffee which we enjoyed together and an origami heart with a short message inside.

Opet’s crafty notes had more sense, if I may say, hehe. An instax photo, short notes on the sides and a list about Sandy.I made a list which I called, Kambal Code {twin code} for Opet so he would know what Sandy and I normally do here. You see, Sandy and I are very close that we like to call each other twins, because we like to do and share things together like most twins do.

Some on the lists were: Sandy likes to braid her hair because it looks sweet, so he just have to agree with it; She will fall asleep watching Martha on tv; And if she cries then laugh and repeats the pattern over and over again, that’s just perfectly normal.
I normally give crafty notes to people who are very special to me, but this one was quite hard to make because I was teary-eyed the whole time I was doing this. But it was fun though. I also think, I need more practice in crafting because I already forgot where I put my other materials.


6 thoughts on “Crafty Notes for Sandy and Opet”

  1. I love this idea!! I might just make some Crafty Notes of my own!! Thank you for this post!! Also inspired me to stock up on tapes, envelopes and papers!!

    Are there empty/blank Crafty Notes for sale? Haha!!


    1. Hi Dennis… thank you for dropping by… yes! thats a great idea, tapes, envelopes even old tickets, candy wrappers or whatever that gives more meaning to your crafty notes will definitely make it more personal… Let me think about that idea of yours about the blank crafty notes =)

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