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One of my resolutions was to blog constantly. Apparently, it’s not happening. Yes, I feel embarrassed for not committing to that. But I try. I really do.

Forgive me because this post is one year and three days late. This event happened the last time my mom and I were in Vancouver. I was supposed to post this last Friday just before their second time this year. May be late, but “better late than sorry” right?

So last year, I had the chance to experienced an Etsy Market. If you’re wondering what Etsy is – it’s like an Amazon but the products are all handmade. On some countries like Canada, they gather Etsy sellers to sell in a bazaar.

I’ve been an Etsy member since 2010. Wow, it’s been 5years now that I opened Artisan Paperie on Etsy. It doesn’t have anything right now but I’ll work on it for this coming holiday season.

Anyway, so last year, my mama and I went to Robson Street to see the pop-up market of Etsy Made in Canada.
When I came in, it was just as I expected it to be – a very artsy, local handmade feel. It was a jam packed. Canadians fully supported handmade sellers which so great.Let me show you some of the vendors and see how lovely their items were.

{I wasn’t able to get the names of some of the booths but if you’re one of the sellers and get a chance to read this, kindly email me at [email protected]. I’d be happy to change your link}.

Quotes and NotesQuirky Paper CoTiny Slice

Handmade Jewelry

Eglantine Shines 

I Like Making Faces

Illustrated Cards

Home DecorSunlit Letterpress

Printed Cards

Amy Tom Art Design

Handpainted Cards

Coral and Cloud

Red Cloud Boutique

Mint and BirchResin JewelryInk & Dolly Illustration Design

I was smiling all throughout I was roaming around. However, I was on a tight budge, so I cannot buy so much. It was a bitter sweet scenario.

The reason why I’m posting this is because, I was able to experience it again just last weekend. Yes, I’m in Vancouver to visit my sister. Trying to savour the remaining few months of my sabbatical year.

Anyway, I’ll really catch up on my blogpost as much as I can. I’m hoping I can post this year’s Etsy Made in Canada, but I am working in a pastry shop where my sister is working and I feel so tired every time I go home. Like right now, I am half asleep while I’m doing this, hehe… good night for now…


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