Etsy Made in Canada 2015: Paper

Artisan Life Bazaar + Exhibit Travel w/ Me

I’m on my third week here in Vancouver and the first thing I posted {from not posting for quite some time} was about the Etsy Market I experienced last year. That’s because I always feel so excited every time I’m around handmade things.

This time, I had more photos than before that I don’t even know how to start. So I’ve thought it would be better if I do it based on their categories just like what I did with my Bacolod post. Obviously, I have more photos for paper goods: greeting cards, stickers and art prints.

Sunlit LetterpressIllustrated CardsThe Scratched Canvas


Amy Tom Art DesignQuirky Paper Co.Art + SoulTriple Studio
Woot and Wooks
Crafted Van

As a paper lover, I cannot help admire all the artwork. All the hard work put in their drawings and how it was applied on stationeries. It’s just so beautiful.

I wanted to buy from every booth. but then and again… I’m on a tight budget, hehe. But I did get some things which I’ll share after I’m done with all the other booths from the Etsy Market.

Up next is one of my favourite things too – jewelry.


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