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Do you remember, November of last year, I did a Watercolour Lettering with CBTL?

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is back again here in Davao and they’re doing a Street Art Series this time. The theme is Create: Brew Your Masterpiece, where participants will be taught to unleash their creativity through a mural.

They already started the series in Cebu at Escario wall, two weekends ago; and looked how beautiful the output was. This is how they interpreted “Making one’s life one’s masterpiece.” I wonder if half day, is enough for this. I just have so much respect for mural artist because I know it’s not easy when I did it for Burger Chef.

Now this coming Saturday, Davao will have it’s version of “Creative and entertainment hub of Davao.” And they will feature Davao’s pride mural artists: Troy Bascon, Kim Vale, Ghamar Kanda and Franco. It’s a half day workshop in Matina Town Square from 1-5pm; where they will be taught the history and basics of graffiti then they’ll apply it together with the artists.

Unfortunately for me, I cannot attend this exciting event because I’m currently out of the country. But my ever supportive and sweet boyfriend, Wacky {who’s a photographer} will be representing me and will take photos so I can blog and share with you how the workshop went.

Just like last time, this is an invited workshop, but you can do the following so you can also join them this weekend.

{1} Post an original artwork or photo on instagram with the theme: Making my life my best masterpiece.

{2} Add hashtags: #brew2016 ; #cbtlph

{3} or submit a story via www.brewyourbestyear.com

It’s just so nice that Davao is also part of this street art series. I cannot wait to see how they’ll interpret the theme. If you’ve been to Matina Town Square, you probably saw there’s a graffiti wall on the parking space. That’s where we had a shoot for DGDC’s 3rd issue magazine.

If I were you, don’t miss this chance because for sure, I will drool with envy over your photos when I see them on Saturday… and do say hi to my boyfriend {you can check my instagram: @iam_artisanso you’ll know what he looks like, hehe}.


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