DIY: Messages in a Bottle


If you’re looking for some ideas on what to give to your special someone this valentine’s day, let me help you with this simple DIY messages in a bottle.What you’ll need:

• Recycled bottle

• Post-its and Pens

• Twine

• Label Sticker

How to do it:{1} Write down some notes, reminders or sweet messages on a post-it. Try to think of things that are close to your everyday scenario, like “Don’t forget to drink plenty of water”; “I miss you terribly today.”

{2} Roll your post-it, make sure to end on the sticky part. Then wrap it with twine.

{3} Put them inside the bottle. Add a sticker label with the title or an instruction like “get one each day.” Cover it with a cork or a wrapper and twine. Or paper flowers so they can also put it on their desk.

I gave my messages in a bottle for Miguel last week. Yes, I couldn’t wait til valentine, haha. Well he had an out of town trip and this DIY is really a great gift so he can read one message from me each day even though were afar.

So go to your kitchen now and look for a recycled bottle and thing of sweet thoughts that you’d like to say… goodluck…


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