Anti-Valentine Mixtape


Few years back, I do not enjoy valentines day that much. I’ve been single for quite some time {okay, it was actually a very long time}, so I’m not a fan of love songs moreover love movies, well, even until now, not really a fan of those. I know, I know, it was childish, but it was funny, come to think of it. But this year would be different for me though, won’t be loveless and might probably have a date, I guess, haha.

Anyway, I find it amusing to make an Anti-Valentine Mixtape just for fun. Don’t worry, this is not your usual lock-yourself-inside-the-room-and-cry-til-you-die kind of music. This mixtape is actually playful!

I promise you these 14 songs, same as the valentines’ date, will not make you cry but rather it will make you feel better and even happy for being loveless this year. As they say, the best is yet to come… so while waiting for that right person, let this mixtape accompany you this Valentine’s day.


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