Instagram Sunday #49

Instagram Sunday

Hi friends… here are some of my recent feed from my instagram{1} Bought a new pen, promarker, for my attempt to lettering and calligraphy. I was looking for a black ink but they don’t have a stock so gray will do. Need to practice those strokes.

{2} Went to Manila over the weekend and stayed in Azumi hotel. It was actually nice there. Very nice interior and their café is also cozy.

{3} Had a me time during the day and spent it in Press Cafe in Fully Booked Alabang.

{4} A square postcard I gave for my twinsy. I’ll be doing a post-valentine postcard swap on my blog this week… come join me?

Sorry, my stories are a bit dry this week. Kinda lost inspiration and the energy. But this week will be different. I’ll be more motivated and focus in my work. Have a great week.


2 thoughts on “Instagram Sunday #49”

  1. It was rrally nice to see you again, my twinsy. Bitin lang talaga but still grateful. 🙂 Again, thank you for the presents. Yeah, lets make this coming week A LOT BETTER! 😉 lab yu

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