Instagram Sunday #50

Instagram Sunday

This month was really full of great activities… Unfortunately, I’m having a hard time managing my time between planning the upcoming activities, revising designs and posting them here on my blog. I really need to keep up with time. So many things to do yet so little time. How can that be?

{1} Just yesterday, I had a chance to do my very first craft party. Oh that I really have to post, it was such an exciting moment for me.

{2} Just few days before the craft party, made some doodles as I planned what to make and what to bring, just so I won’t forget to anything. Do you also do that? Or maybe you have a different style, care to share?

{3} So the so-called boracay body is just few days from now. I don’t have any plans yet for the summer but I’m hoping to have a boracay body whatever plans that will come up.

This week was full of emotions coming from different aspects. From being happy, then came being annoyed, anxious and stressed but still being grateful for everything. We also had a little situation in the family. My grandma who is already 83 is in the hospital and she’s really quite ill this time. But we are still praying for the best. Please pray for her too.

Anyway, this coming week, I’ll take control of my emotions. Miguel thought me how to focus my mind by looking or thinking of beautiful things or by simply checking my instagram feed since I tend to follow people who makes me feel happy. And I’ll be doing that this week. How do you manage anxiety or distress? It would be nice to try different ideas.


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