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What’s your greatest fear? Mine is public speaking. Statistic says public speaking is one of the greatest fears. Where 74% suffer from performance anxiety. And I’m one of those 74%.

When I was in college, I really wanted to conquer that. So I joined Toastmasters. It gave me butterflies in my stomach the whole day every meeting, so decided to quit. Thinking it wasn’t really for me. I’ll just learn how to run a coffee shop, paint and craft and I won’t probably need to talk publicly anymore. Boy, I was wrong… I never thought even in my line of work, I will still need to face that.

I’ve outgrown it a bit, but the fear never goes away. I still get jitters, dry throat, cold hands and words won’t come out of my mouth.

You see, sharing what I know was never the problem. We can sit all day and I’d be happy to tell you everything. But you let me talk in front of a group, I cringe. I never liked introductions in class. That’s how scared I am.

But in my years as an entrepreneur and creative, I’ve learned so many things from listening to other people’s stories. I found inspiration, tips and tricks from them. To pay it forward, I gotta share what I learned as well, hoping a few can also pick up a little something from what I have experienced.

So, here I am facing that fear again…

I’ll be part of Not A Creative Talk this February 17, 2018, Saturday at SpaceLab. It’s an intimate panel discussion with Davao’s homegrown designers turned entrepreneurs. Basically, if you’re planning to follow the path, you may ask us business-related questions and tips. Sounds so legit, lol.

I am so honoured to be sitted alongside with these people: Paolo RamirezApril San PedroXiao PrietoMarx ConsuegraPude Khryss and Marvin Te. I just hope, I’d make sense and words will come out of my mouth, lol.

It’s a free event but seats are limited. So, if you want to join us, come early. See you there.


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